New! :: smartctl 1.1-5.38

Posted on Friday 20 June 2008

A stable release of smartctl is now available for download. :)

Product Page

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New! :: 7zX 1.7.1

Posted on Friday 14 March 2008

7zX 1.7.1 is now available for download. :)

Product Page

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New! :: 7zX 1.7 (alternative)

Posted on Sunday 9 March 2008

Getting bus errors after updating 7zX?

The problem is randomly affecting both 32 and 64-bit PowerPC and Intel Macs, and is most likely caused by an incompatibility between the new compression/decompression core and your Mac’s operating system. All reports received so far appear to be related to computers running Mac OS X Tiger.

An alternative release of 7zX is now available for download from the 7zX product page. You should only install this version if the original package didn’t work with your system.

Product Page

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New! :: 7zX 1.7

Posted on Sunday 2 March 2008


7zX 1.7 fully supports Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, and is now up to 30% faster!

Product Page

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Happy New Year!

Posted on Tuesday 1 January 2008

Sixty Five, Ltd. wishes to everyone a happy 2008. :)

(And don’t forget to visit our new forums!)

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Miscellaneous News

Posted on Sunday 30 December 2007

Some time has passed since our latest post on this site, but I finally decided to write down a few lines to let you know about the latest news we can offer:

From now on, all our torrents will support Web-Based seeding. Our site features HTTP or FTP links as well as torrent downloads. The files are identical. BitTorrent clients will be able to download from either source, putting all the parts together into one complete file, and share out the pieces they get from other sources to their Peers as they are validated.

We opened the Sixty Five, Ltd. community forums! I wanted to keep this one as a surprise for the new year, but decided to open them right now instead. Search for an answer, post your question, or answer other users’ questions here!

We are going to disable hotlinking to our disk images. Despite our kind requests, there are still sites that refuse to use the links we provided them, and instead link directly to our disk images. This effectively breaks our efforts in keeping the load of our servers balanced, something that is not going to be tolerated from now on.

With the increasing appreciation of our softwares, our bandwidth usage skyrocketed, to the point that our site almost got offline by the end of November. Within the next weeks we would most likely release a couple of new softwares, but we believe that their effective availability would be conditioned by this problem. Our forums would also be affected, and thus we agreed that it would be a good idea to host our site on a paid plan.

Good quantities of hard disk space and bandwidth would cost us about $200.00 USD, which is not something we can really afford at the moment (remember that all our softwares are currently released for free). Any donations would be highly appreciated.

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Riding the Leopard!

Posted on Saturday 24 November 2007

We finally completed our transition to Mac OS X 10.5. :)


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New! :: 7zX 1.6.7

Posted on Wednesday 21 November 2007

We fixed a bug which would cause 7zX to fail creating an archive when asked to discard resource forks.

Download (Mirror 1, HTTP)
Download (Mirror 2, BitTorrent)

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New! :: 7zX 1.6.6

Posted on Friday 16 November 2007

7zX 1.6.6 features an incredible quantity number of bug fixes and optimizations: segmented archives are now created properly, and existing files shouldn’t be overwritten anymore when expanding an archive.

Compression options are now saved across sessions, and we also improved our Software Update engine and the Growl-based notifications system. Although past versions had no particular problems with Leopard, we improved compatibility and performance with Apple’s new OS.

Download (Mirror 1, HTTP)
Download (Mirror 2, BitTorrent)

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Discontinued :: BitTorrent τ

Posted on Friday 26 October 2007

In consideration of the lack of interest in the Macintosh platform on behalf of BitTorrent, Inc., I have decided to finally take down our custom version of their client, BitTorrent τ.

If you are looking for a complete, lightweight, free and open source BitTorrent client, we suggest that you have a look at Transmission.

You should remain pleased with the experience this great application can offer. :)

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